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These are turbulent times for the finance industry; change is both inevitable and imminent. The long-standing traditional systems are becoming outdated and cannot keep up with the rapidly evolving digital future. As more and more world industries shift their focus to the online cyber world to stay current and stay alive, it should come as no surprise that the financial world must expect to do the same.

Cryptocurrencies are quickly becoming a more central feature in finance of the future, and Bitcoin is the undisputed leader of the pack. If you want to stay ahead of the race and have a finger in the pie when the development and advancement of crypto finance hit their peak, then now is the time to get in.

Bitcoin Era is here to help everyone get on board the Bitcoin ship. Experienced professionals and first-time beginners alike can use this excellent platform to access the Bitcoin trading market and become part of the modern financial revolution. With all the advantages of new-age trading systems plus the years of experience our expert team brings to the table, Bitcoin Era is the ideal place to find success in Bitcoin Trading.

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a type of cryptocurrency. Essentially, cryptocurrency is digital money stored through files and software and exists only in the mysterious online world. It can be used the same way you use the cash in your wallet, be it US Dollars or any other fiat currency. When buying or exchange goods, making investments, and carrying out any digital financial transaction, Bitcoin works just like regular money.

The difference is that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are not tied to or controlled by a bank or government. By cutting this connection, Bitcoin becomes what is known as a decentralized currency, meaning there is no one controlling entity. Decentralization serves a few purposes. First of all, it gives people more control over their money, which was the primary purpose of its creation. After so many people were left in the lurch after losing devasting chunks of their savings thanks to the crash of 2008, it became clear something had to change.

Many people felt a deep confusion over what exactly happened. Because there was a lack of control over what was happening with this money, there was also a lack of transparency. This then highlighted the need for a more independently controlled form of currency and trading. Out of this need came Bitcoin.

Created in 2009, Bitcoin was a revolutionary innovation in financial trading and has pioneered the world of decentralized currency. It was the first large-scale cryptocurrency and was a huge leap forward in the industry. Nowadays, you cannot talk about cryptocurrency or crypto trading and not hear the name Bitcoin. More than a decade after its birth, it is still leading the charge in digital finance.


How Does Bitcoin Work?

Try to think of Bitcoin as just another type of cash because, in essence, it is. That being said, it is a lot more flexible and versatile. Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies exist only in a digital form.

Because there is no physical money and no country, government, or bank to tie them to, they are valid for use worldwide. Whatever your location, you can use Bitcoin without worrying about exchange fees or changing value. You can use cryptocurrency freely and buy, exchange, transfer, or trade from anywhere without navigating banks or governments.

Using Bitcoin

It is not as complicated as it may sound. There is a simple process to follow to buy, use, and trade Bitcoin. Once you know how to do it, it's easy! That is exactly why Bitcoin Era was created: to help you understand the process better and let you get the most out of trading Bitcoin. First, let's run through the process:

To buy into Bitcoin, all you need to do is exchange whatever fiat currency you usually trade in (US dollar, Euro, etc.). It works the same way as an international currency exchange you would visit before a vacation. The difference is, this is all online. You buy Bitcoin through a digital platform rather than exchanging it in a store.

After purchasing your Bitcoin, it is stored in a digital wallet, which works in the place of a traditional bank account. The account holder can access the funds at any time and can use them to buy or trade however they see fit. This wallet is not associated with any one country, so it is flexible for use. You can set up a wallet with a trading platform such as Bitcoin Era.

You need two keys to start using your Bitcoin: the access key and the signing key. Both are codes, which are unique to your wallet account. You must keep them secure and do not share them with anyone else. As you may expect, the access key grants you access to the digital wallet. The signing key is effectively your digital signature to authorizing the movement of funds. It acts in the same way you would sign off on a cheque or bank transfer. Both keys are required whenever you want to move your Bitcoin, and no transaction can happen without them.

A system known as the Blockchain network works side-by-side with cryptocurrencies to maintain security. It collects information from every crypto transfer. The data is collected and immediately shared with a public sever, making it extremely difficult for any fraudulent activity to slip through the cracks. Blockchain is a big part of what makes Bitcoin one of the most secure ways to move money.

Why Invest in Crypto?

There is no question as to why experts are calling cryptocurrency the future of finance. An investment into this new digital age is an investment in protecting your interests. It is also a stake in financial freedom, security, and control.

Traditional banking systems are quickly becoming outdated. As the capabilities and skills of hackers increases, Cybercrime is at an all-time high, and these institutions are at risk of being attacked. Bitcoin operates on a completely different level and employs security and protection protocols far beyond anything the banks are using. The creators of Bitcoin are more intelligent than the hackers, and so are their systems.

Why Bitcoin?

With over 10,000 different cryptocurrencies on the market today, it can be overwhelming to understand what makes one different from the next. Every brand has some gimmick to make it seem unique, and the software used can vary across the currencies. However, at the end of the day, they are all heavily based on the principles and foundations set by Bitcoin.

The software that Bitcoin introduced is the cornerstone for everything that followed. Despite so many variations on the theme, Bitcoin remains the undisputed champion. It stands to reason that putting your money behind the biggest and best is as good a bet as any.

Benefits of a Bitcoin Investment

Being on board with the future of the financial world is not the only appeal of Bitcoin. There are several other benefits, on top of the obvious advantage of not being left behind.

01. Traditional banking is increasingly inconvenient

With so many rules and restrictions piled on top of simple transactions, it can be highly frustrating trying to get things done. Credit issues, slow service, decreasing numbers of branches, and bank withholding are just some things that slow you down when dealing with the bank- all of which are forgotten with Bitcoin.

02. Banking fees are on the rise

You are already losing money just by having a bank account, and the prices only increase as you need more services. This issue is removed when you use bitcoin on Bitcoin Era and the digital wallet does not cost anything to store money in.

03. When dealing with different currencies or making an international transaction...

the time and money it costs to make it happen is infuriating. Restrictions, exchange losses, and exorbitant transaction fees make it very difficult to maintain fluidity when working with international businesses. Bitcoin is not associated with one country, so there is no such thing as an international transaction. It is simply moved from account to account, no questions asked.

04. Payments are fast and easy

When you send money, it appears almost instantly, no matter where you sent it. No approvals are needed as long as you enter the correct key code, and then the recipient does the same.

05. Although Bitcoin is open to fluctuation and the value changes often...

the movements are transparent and open to the public. Because it is a decentralized currency, the value is dictated purely through supply and demand on the stock market. The market is controlled, and the value is ultimately set, by the people who own Bitcoins, a.k.a. you! No bank or government can devalue it, and no bank can have any say.

It is also important to remember that any investment comes with risk, and trading in Bitcoin is no exception. Despite its success and irrefutable impact on the future, cryptocurrency remains a volatile market. Understanding that volatility and knowing how to use it to your advantage is how to successfully trade in Bitcoin. Bitcoin Era is the perfect place to learn how to do that.

How Does Bitcoin Era Make Trading Bitcoin Easier?

Trading is all about reading and analyzing the market to know when to buy and when to sell. It is also about knowing when to invest in something and being able to read where that investment is likely to go. There are a lot of moving parts, and it is not easy.

Even professionals make mistakes sometimes, so first-timers have a lot to learn. Bitcoin Era uses software and AI technology to take some of the weight off. As Bitcoin trading platforms go, this is one of the best places to learn the ropes.

Benefits for Beginners

Benefits for Experts:

Benefits for Beginners
  • It allows you to learn more about how the trading industry works.
  • Automatic trading bots and algorithms reduce the risk factor by making trades for you.
  • Newbies can build confidence on Bitcoin Era before going it alone.
  • Bitcoin Era makes it easier to understand how to read the market.
  • Overwhelming amounts of information and considerations can be distracting and lead to bad decisions for inexperienced traders. Bitcoin Era helps you make intelligent choices.
  • Opt for automatic settings and parameters if you want to suss things out before moving on to making solo decisions
Benefits for Experts
  • Spend less time analyzing markets and sniffing out good trades. Instead, set your parameters and let the robots do their thing.
  • Use the algorithms as a backup to confirm what you already expect. Having that second opinion is excellent for peace of mind.
  • No matter how much experience you have, mistakes are always possible. Bitcoin Era reduces the chance of errors.
  • Trade on the go with the Bitcoin Era platform. Use it on a laptop or tablet so you can make the most of your time.

Risk is an ever-present and inevitable part of the trading industry, but working with Bitcoin Era can minimize the chances by giving you all the necessary tools to make the right moves. It can also make those moves for you!

Bitcoin Era FAQs

How much is one Bitcoin worth?

Like any currency, the value of Bitcoin fluctuates. It follows supply and demand. Some things that can change the worth are newly mined bitcoins and the market trade flow. You can keep up to date with the current valuation online via live trade sites. Bitcoin Charts is the official tracker.

Is Bitcoin trading safe?

Cryptocurrency trading is safe in the sense that transactions are very secure. The Blockchain network and other top-grade protection measures used make transferring funds as safe as possible. 

The risk factor can not be considered safe in any type of trade as the whole industry works on prediction and speculation. Using Bitcoin Era helps make Bitcoin trading safer thanks to the smart software and AI features.

Is Bitcoin in limited supply?

Yes. There is a limited number of Bitcoins, and after they are all mined, that's it. Fiat currencies have no limit on how many new bills can be minted, but there is only ever going to be the specified number of Bitcoins. Exclusivity is part of what makes investing such an attractive prospect.

Final Thoughts: The Future of Bitcoin and Trading

The future of Bitcoin is exciting. The economic climate of today never stops evolving. A significant change must happen for it to thrive in years to come. There is no doubt that cryptocurrency has a central place in the future of world finance, and Bitcoin is the king of crypto. Investing and trading in Bitcoin is an exciting opportunity. If this is the currency of the future, then now is the time to join the movement.

When you begin your trading journey, the first thing to remember is the balance between risk and reward. If Bitcoin is part of your trading future, set yourself up wisely. Go forward with all the tools you need for success, and make sure one of them is Bitcoin Era.